Determined teen takes her exams even after deadly London fire destroys her home

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Talk about tenacity. 

Just hours after the devastating Grenfell Tower fire destroyed her home, 16-year-old Ines Alves, still wearing her pajamas, sat for her school chemistry exam. 

Alves had fled her 13th floor apartment with her family around 1 a.m., with her chemistry notes in tow, escaping the blaze.

After spending the night at a friend's house, she arrived promptly at 9 a.m., still wearing the clothes she slept in, at Sacred Heart school in Hammersmith for the test.

"It was my Chemistry GCSE and that's what I want to do in my A-levels next year so I thought maybe it was necessary to do it," Alves told the Telegraph, referring to the UK exams taken at 16 and then 18 respectively. Read more...

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