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by Leagar - 1 year ago

Spotify “Sponsored Songs” let labels pay for plays

& A mysterious “Sponsored Content material” opt-out setting lately appeared in Spotify, and now the streaming big has confirmed to TechCrunch what it’s about. Spotify is now testing a brand new “Sponsored Track” advert u...

by Leagar - 1 year ago

Europe mostly ends mobile roaming fees from today

& Europeans touring via the 28 Member State bloc at the moment are in a position to make use of their cellular units extra freely, because of a prime degree abolition of cellular roaming fees throughout the area.  Read More

by Leagar - 1 year ago

Facebook’s AI crosses language barrier to assist in Spanish

& Any know-how that solely works in English neglects 75% of the world. That drawback is particularly extreme for Fb with its international userbase. But most languages are being omitted by the advances in synthetic intelligence centered round pure la...